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For over 23 years, Mechanical World in Wagga Wagga has been providing quality vehicle services and repairs. Our dedication to exceptional workmanship and customer service is what has enabled us to build a strong reputation, growing into the respected business we are today.

We are family-owned and operated and believe in giving back to the community. Our professionalism, reasonable rates, and quick servicing are the reasons we are successful, 2 decades on from opening.

Mechanical World offers a full slate of car maintenance and repair services for a range of makes and models. Whether you have an issue with your shock absorber, battery, or suspension, you can trust our mechanics to correctly identify and resolve the issue.

Our business has grown significantly over the last decade. We have a team of experienced technicians and plans for future expansion as well.
Mechanical World — Mechanical World in Wagga Wagga, NSW


How can I tell if my suspension needs servicing?
Some signs that your suspension needs work are the car body rocking when cornering, uneven wear on tyres, wheel shimmy, or an excessively bouncy ride. Our skilled team can determine the best plan to make your vehicle safe again.
Will your services effect my vehicle’s warranty?
How can I increase my vehicle’s fuel efficiency?
Why can’t I service my vehicle myself?
I have a warning light on my dashboard. What does it mean?