Tyres & Suspension


Vehicle Safety

In addition to our full range of maintenance and repair services, we provide a wide range of tyre and suspension products and services. Even with a well maintained engine, faulty or neglected suspension can make your vehicle unsafe for both you and other road users. Our team of skilled mechanics and technicians have a wealth of experience in all aspects of repairing, upgrading and maintaining vehicle steering and suspension systems. From powered and electronically controlled steering to off-road and performance suspension upgrades, we can help.
We use a range of steering and suspension products from leading manufacturers including Tien and Lovell, so you can be confident the components we install are high quality. This is conducive with our commitment to quality workmanship. Our specialist team will keep you informed of what your vehicle needs before carrying out any repairs. We never cut corners or use inferior products. It’s our dedication to your safety and satisfaction that has made us a trusted business in the community for over 23 years.
Car Tyre — Mechanical World in Wagga Wagga, NSW
  • Tyre replacement with most brands like MAXXIS and Bridgestone for maximum wear and safety
  • Wheel alignment diagnostics with accurate state-of-the-art equipment to ensure optimal handling
  • Advance wheel balancing techniques to ensure even tyre wear and fuel efficiency
  • Performance suspension kits for those who want to get the most from their vehicle
  • Four-wheel drive lift kits for when you want to take off roading to the next level
  • Advance correction kits
  • Quality replacement parts, for optimal performance and vehicle longevity
Car Suspension — Mechanical World in Wagga Wagga, NSW