Vehicle Diagnostics


Engine Diagnosis

Our specialist team can carry out the following diagnostic services:

Electronic Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Engine check light, ABS or AIRBAG light on warning lights can be costing you money with poor fuel economy or causing a safety system to be disabled due to a fault light. This increases the chances of injury to the driver or passengers.
  • Engine noise diagnosis
  • Gearbox and driveline
  • Suspension
  • Brakes with safety stop machine including print out, hand brake and each wheel efficiency test to help to check braking system
Battery replacements were once previously done by the backyard enthusiast, with so many vehicle systems relying on stable voltage from the vehicle’s battery, a replacement can now require specialised equipment.
Vehicle Diagnostics — Mechanical World in Wagga Wagga, NSW
With every battery change, we use a separate power supply for the car to ensure you don’t lose everything from the radio security code or radio stations, through to more complex learned procedures the car’s AI has adapted to through years of use.

Modern cars, particularly European, hybrids or cars with a stop/start feature, are smart enough to monitor the battery state of the vehicle and to modify the charging strategy to suit. With these vehicles, it is imperative that, when changing a battery, the vehicle’s operating system is accessed to program in the details of the new battery. Failure to do this can cause fault codes, warning lights and almost, without doubt, a reduced battery lifespan.

Brake Diagnosis

  • Vehicles can be checked on our SAFE-T-STOP machine, which can measure brake force on each wheel and hand brake balance, allowing better checking of braking performance.
  • Car shuddering or steering wheel vibration is repairable through our brake disc machine. Brake discs have a minimum thickness that is measured and machined or replaced as required
  • Brake hydraulics system maintenance and repairs
With our specialist knowledge and the latest technology, scan tools, oscilloscopes and diagnostic equipment we can diagnose all systems of your vehicle, such as the check engine light, airbag systems (SRS), anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and electronic stability control(ESC/ESP).
With a lifelong learning and training approach, through periods of manufacturer advancements, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of new vehicle technologies. We stay up to date with the training and equipment required to diagnose these complex networked vehicle systems.
We understand the frustration when your vehicle has a problem, whether it’s a warning light on the dash or a slight flat spot on acceleration. Going far deeper than the common practice of ‘reading fault codes’, we use this as just a base to begin our diagnosis.
From here, either using the fault code to direct us to the system that requires testing, or if there are no fault codes (rather than the often-used dealer quote of ‘no codes, no problem’), we use our knowledge and the latest technology tooling and software to interrogate your vehicles data and symptoms. We are then able to present you with understandable reasoning of how the system works and what is causing the fault.
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Whatever the problem or light on your dash, we endeavour to diagnose and fix it using only the parts or repairs absolutely required. We invest time in diagnostics first, which can then lead to an easy fix and is ultimately better value than tackling the problem by just replacing unnecessary and expensive parts.